Oriental and Gypsy Dance Classes
Dance and Musical Entertainment for Events and Parties

Natalia Tabiah (stage name) was born in Moscow, where she studied dancing from an early age. She was the lead dancer in the children's choreographic ensemble and a member of both the children's troupe of the Spesivtsev Theater and the Children's Opera Theater in Moscow.

Attracted by the desire for travel and to learn the culture of other peoples, she left Russia for Turkey and Bulgaria. It was there, in the diaspora of Turkish gypsies, that she was first exposed to the art of oriental dance. It was love at first sight and became central to life.

After leaving the Balkans and establishing permanent residence in the Czech Republic, Natalia continued to study oriental dance with the leading choreographers of Egypt, Russia, Europe, and America. During regular trips to Moscow, she took lessons in gypsy dance from the choreographers of the Romen Theater.

Natalia currently lives in Prague and regularly tours around the Czech Republic and Europe.


2004 - ORTO All-Russian Dance Organization 3rd International Congress on Belly Dance / Oriental (Moscow) Lecture and seminar course for teachers

2008 - BUDFIT Massage School in Prague, masseuse:

  • Sports and reconditioning massage
  • Honey massage
  • Chocolate massage


  • Functional trainer with rehabilitation direction


Oriental: Adla Chumpelikova, Lisa Vegrova, Nelly Batyrova, Maria Shashkova, A.K. Zhanataeva, Aida Hassan, Mariana Seslavinskaya-Smirnova

Masterclasses: Elena Ramazanova, Aida Nur, Ahmed Fekry, Tatyana Fedyaeva Nur, Marina Oganian, Katerina Shereen, Khaleed Mahmoud, Raqia Hassan, Jillina, Simona Minissini, Lulu Sabongi, Marta Korzun, Nesma, Karina Chistova, Darya Mitskevich, and others.

Gypsy Dancing: Stepan Demetre, Nikolai Ilinsky, Ganga Batalova

Masterclasses: Petr Yurchenko, Angela Lekareva